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International Educational Resource for Harry Benjamin Syndrome. 


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Don't call us transsexuals or transgenders

Don't call us transsexuals or transgenders because we are women and men,
some were born with an intersex syndrome but we all are women and men.

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arry Benjamin Syndrome
is an intersex condition occurring in the  early  stages  of  fetal  development  affecting  the  process  of  sexual differentiation between male and female. This happens when the brain develops  as  one  sex  but  the  rest  of  the  body  takes  on  the  physical characteristics of the opposite sex. [PubMed 2010] Genetic etiology for this condition has been proved by very recent medical research.

Unlike other intersex conditions, the clinical manifestations of this syndrome are not evident at birth, it becomes evident later, during childhood, and frequently as early as 2 or 3 years of age. Understanding of the clinical picture and differential diagnosis of this syndrome is of vital importance for early detection and medical treatment by pediatric endocrinologists and specialized surgeons in treating this syndrome.

Harry Benjamin Syndrome has been known in the past with many different names, Transsexualism (ICD-10) being the most commonly used. Today we know that Harry Benjamin Syndrome is a disorder of sex development (DSD) and the WHO is reclassifying it accordingly.


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Sexual differentiation of the human brain in relation to gender identity.
The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. September 2009. Dick F. Swaab, MD, Ph.D. Alicia Garcia-Falgueras, Ph.D. HBS International 2009.

Harry Benjamin Syndrome is a neurobiological condition.

Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice


The true story of David Reimer that all should read.



This website is about Harry Benjamin Syndrome, the clinical manifestation of what was formerly known as True Transsexualism (Type VI on the diagnosis table of Harry Benjamin). It is an extremely rare condition [1:100,000] which is not related to the sexual ambiguity of transsexuals in general as the term "transsexual" is used today.

Today, what was previously known as True Transsexualism is considered by medical research experts in this area as an anomaly of early fetal development, which is both neurological and genetic in origin, and therefore an inborn intersex condition (physiological). This is why, following accepted medical naming conventions in regard to physiologically intersexed states or syndromes, the condition formerly known as intense True Transsexualism (Type VI on the diagnosis table of Harry Benjamin), must be named Harry Benjamin Syndrome.
(Read more about the appropriateness of this terminology). Click here to see the original gender scale from Doctor Harry Benjamin published in 1966 by Julian Press, recently updated by HBS International (2009) according to modern medical research in the field.

We demand the WHO remove Transsexualism from Section F (mental disorders) of the ICD, and Reclassify it as Harry Benjamin Syndrome in Section Q of the ICD -Chapter XVII - Section Q.00-Q.99 : Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities. Specifically we demand inclusion in Section Q.80-Q.8x of the same Chapter, which lists Other congenital malformations. Being the updated diagnostic nomenclature Harry Benjamin Syndrome [Q.80.x].

Since people with Harry Benjamin Syndrome are conventional in their gender identity and expression, like most members of society, these people need a physical rehabilitation of their endocrine system and phenotype in order to function in society as any other average person.

They are not seeking to defy societal norms of gender or sexuality as is the case of transgender and most who call themselves transsexuals today, but only to affirm their sex within themselves.

People with Harry Benjamin Syndrome as a group are naturally opposed to ambiguous groups of sex and/or gender such as transgendered persons and most who call themselves transsexuals. People with Harry Benjamin Syndrome are not a part of a supposed continuum of gender ambiguity these others purport.

Despite the confusion in terminology with the old concept of True Transsexualism, persons with Harry Benjamin Syndrome (which in reality is a type of intersex condition) should not be confused with transgenderism and other ambiguous sexual states in general.

People born with Harry Benjamin Syndrome are persons with a binary gender orientation of either Man or Woman, as any other typical person within society. Their identity is woman or man, never "transsexual". Therefore they need a complete physical rehabilitation in order to function sexually and develop socially as any other individual within our society.

People with Harry Benjamin Syndrome repudiate sexual ambiguity and don't feel identified with sexually ambiguous labels like "transsexual" or "transgender" which neither define nor represent them.

Harry  Benjamin  Syndrome  is  NOT  an  alternative  designation  for "transsexuality", but is a designation naturally in opposition to the sexually ambiguous phenomenon known as "transsexuality". ("transsexuality" is a generic and political term whilst "Transsexualism" is a medical term)

Harry Benjamin Syndrome is among the most severe medical conditions that have been known in the history of mankind.





Genetic Switch for Sexual Differentiation Found. (Download PDF) (Press release) Pearlman et al. The American Journal of Human Genetics. December 2010.

EEG analysis of women with Harry Benjamin Syndrome: Neurological pattern similar to female heterosexual controls. Flor-Henry P. University of Alberta, Canada. Clinic EEG Neuroscience October 2010.

White matter microstructure found in males with Harry Benjamin Syndrome before medical treatment. PubMed 2010. 
Rametti G, Carrillo B, Gómez-Gil E, Junque C, Segovia S, Gómez A, Guillamon A. (Read more...)

Androgen Receptor Repeat Length Polymorphism Associated with Harry Benjamin Syndrome. Lauren Hare, Pascal Bernard, Francisco J. Sánchez, Paul N. Baird, Eric Vilain, Trudy Kennedy, Vicent R. Harley. (Read more...)

Regional gray matter variation in women with HBS. Luders E, Sánchez FJ, Gaser C, Toga AW, Narr KL, Hamilton LS, Vilain E. (Read more...)

Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS) has been now scientifically verified to be a genetic medical condition, thus fully Intersex. Clemens Tempfer et al. at the Medical University of Vienna. (Read the Abstract here) (Read more...) (Read more...)

Australian Scientists find a gene linked to Harry Benjamin Syndrome, vulgarly know as "transsexualism".

The research confirmed that Harry Benjamin Syndrome was not a lifestyle decision, as some had suggested, said another team member, Trudy Kennedy, the director of the Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic in Melbourne, Australia. 
"People who come to our clinic describe how they knew they were different at a very early age, just three or four years old. This is something that people are born with."  - Dr Trudy Kennedy said. (Read More...)

Harry Benjamin Syndrome:

 Watch Videos of Children born with HBS with their parents.

Parents of Children born with HBS, speaks out.

Over 60 years of medical research regarding Transsexualism (modern HBS) specify that there is NO evidence whatsoever that any psychological or environmental factors cause Transsexualism-HBS. All of the medical research done to date indicates conclusively that physiological (neurological, genetic) factors are the sole cause of Transsexualism-HBS 

Signatories in 2008:

Dr Henk Asscheman, MD, PhD. (The Netherlands)

Professor Michael Besser, DSC, MD, FRCP, SmedSci. (UK)

Dr Susan Carr, MPhil. MFFFP. DDRCOG. (UK)

Professor Dr Peggy Cohen-Kettenis PhD. (The Netherlands)

Dr Pamela Connolly PhD. (USA)

Professor Dr Petra De Sutter, PhD. (Belgium)

Professor Milton Diamond, PhD. (Chair) (USA)

Dr Domenico Di Ceglie, FRCPsych., DIP. PSICHIAT. (Italy) (Child Section)

Professor Louis Gooren, MD, PhD. (The Netherlands)

Professor Richard Green, MD, JD, FRCPsych. (UK)

Dr Lynne Jones, MP, PhD. (UK)

Dr Frank Kruijver, MD. (The Netherlands)

Dr Joyce Martin, MRCGP, MB, ChB, D.Obst.RCOG. (UK)

Dr Zoe-Jane Playdon, BA(Hons), PGCE, MA, MEd, PhD, DBA, FRSA. (UK)

Mr David Ralph, MBBS, BSc, FRCS, MS. (UK)

Mrs Terry Reed, JP, BA(Hons), MCSP, SRP, Grad Dip Phys. (UK)

Dr Russell Reid, MB, ChB, FRCPsych. (UK)

Professor William Reiner, MD. (USA)

Mr M. Royle, MBBS, FRCS (Urol) (UK)

Professor Dick Swaab , MD, PhD. (The Netherlands)

Mr Timothy Terry, BSc, MB, BS, LRCP, FRCS (Urol), MS (UK)

Mr Philip Thomas MBBS, FRCS (Urol). (UK)

Professor James Walker, MD, FRCP, FRCOG. (UK)

Dr Philip Wilson, DPhil MRCP MRCPCH FRCGP. (UK)

Dr Kevan Wylie, MB, MmedSc, MD, FRCPsych, DSM. (UK)


"Transsexualism (HBS) is now regarded by the world's leading experts in the field as another of the many biological variations that occur in human sexual formation -an intersex condition- where the sex indicated by the phenotype and genotype is opposite the morphological sex of the brain. People with the condition of transsexualism (HBS) are therefore born with both male and female characteristics and, like many others with atypical sexual development, seek rehabilitation of their phenotype and endocrinology to accord with their dominant sexual  identity; an identity which is determined by the structure of the brain. Transsexualism (HBS) is about being a particular sex, not doing it. It is also about recognising gender norms, not challenging them." -Karen Gurney & Eithne
Mills. 2005.
Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law, Vol 12, No #1 & #2

"There should be no escape for medical and legal authorities that these definitions ought to be corrected and updated when new information becomes available, particularly when our outdated definitions bring suffering to some of our fellow human beings."   - Professor Louis Gooren, MD. 2004, regarding current terminologies still in use for Harry Benjamin Syndrome (old Transsexualism).


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